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Have you ever wondered, “What happened to me,” as you got into bed?


“What happened to me?” you think, staring at your phone in the dark. “I used to feel wild, I used to love sex.” But sex has fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. You know you “should” have sex for the sake of your relationship—but do you want it?

Do you long for it?

Will you ask for it?

Would you chase your partner across town for it?

Probably not. And you know what? You shouldn’t.

When a woman tells me she’s lost her sex drive, I say, “GOOD!”


I say, “Good!” because sex-as-we-know-it wasn’t designed for women’s optimal pleasure. Over time, typical sex gets routine and predictable, aka boring. Average sex is like a 9-to-5: it feels like work and you’re relieved when it’s over. Sex like that wasn’t made for our pleasure and it’s causing us problems.

  • Does your partner want more sex than you do?
  • Are you turned off by his or her advances?
  • Do you reject your partner then fantasize about other people?
  • Do you remember feeling playful and wild, but now you just feel cranky and tired?

If you answered “yes” to any of these it means three things: you have great taste, you’re sick of faking it, and your body is craving something better than “the 9-to-5” of sex. 

It’s easy to let your pleasure slide. I know because I’ve done it.


I lost my passion after becoming a mother. My husband looked like another mouth to feed. I had sex because I wanted to be a “good woman.” But by age 30, I felt like a wilted flower: dry, tired, and very unsexy. My partner looked the same. I felt tense going to bed because I didn’t want to have “that fight about sex” again. When I did have sex, I felt relieved when it was over because I’d done my duty for the week and could finally relax. I was certain there was something wrong with me.

What I’ve found is when passion fizzles, it’s not you or your partner who is to blame—it’s sex.

Blame the predictable “run around the bases” we whispered in 7th-grade and haven’t revised since. Blame our shared shame of pleasure and desire. Blame the pressure to fake it and perform. Blame “the system” if you need to. Just please don’t blame your partner or yourself, because you’re not broken and you’re not alone.

You can feel confident, sexy, and alive with the partner you already have. 


There’s another way to have sex that increases intimacy and pleasure for both of you. I’ve taught it to thousands of women and couples. It’s so simple, it’s revolutionary.

Matt Mochary

Operator, Investor, Coach

“My wife and I have done many courses related to couples and intimacy.

  • Hendricks
  • David Deida
  • OneTaste
  • Lots of books by various authors

All are good. Bez’s course has been, for us, the most effective.”

Megan Clemens

Mother and Teacher

“In the past, there was a silent expectation that my husband wanted sex from me. I thought I was broken because I didn’t want to do it… what was wrong with me? When we did have sex, I felt like a good wife because I had done what I was supposed to do. But I didn’t enjoy it.

Bez changed everything. Now I have sex because I love it—I want more of it than my husband does!”


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