A radical method of fulfillment for women and their partners



My marriage was on the rocks. After two kids and ten years, our sex life had degraded to an obligatory weekly encounter.

“What happened to my libido?” I asked myself, convinced something was wrong with me.


Typical sex advice didn’t help. 


Sexy lingerie, scented candles, and those same three moves didn’t resolve the tension and longing eating away at me. My partner grew more frustrated.

My struggle sparked a revolutionary method of sex that inspires women and feels better for everyone. 


“I used to love sex. Then… we got married and had kids, and something changed. When he asks me for sex, it’s a turn off. I have sex because he needs it, not because I want it. Honestly, I feel relieved when it’s over.” 

I hear this story on repeat from women in long-term relationships. It’s not just you. 


The good news: there’s nothing wrong with you.


Your sex drive isn’t gone. your partner isn’t the problem. You can feel turned on, excited, and connected again. If he wants more sex than she does, my work resolves this problem. 

Matt Mochary

Operator, Investor, Coach

“My wife and I have done many courses related to couples and intimacy.

  • Hendricks
  • David Deida
  • OneTaste
  • Lots of books by various authors

All are good. Bez’s course has been, for us, the most effective.”

Megan Clemens

Mother and Teacher

“In the past, there was a silent expectation that my husband wanted sex from me. I thought I was broken because I didn’t want to do it… what was wrong with me? When we did have sex, I felt like a good wife because I had done what I was supposed to do. But I didn’t enjoy it.

Bez changed everything. Now I have sex because I love it—I want more of it than my husband does!”


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