This is required watching for all women!

I am personally a fan of receiving men’s attention even when they deliver it offensively. Why? For several reasons.

First off, most men are STARVING for feminine contact. When you’re STARVING, you act a little weird. Imagine wandering the desert for weeks and then finally finding water. You wouldn’t look so hot yourself as you crawled towards that water. You’d look scary—like a delirious, matted-haired freak. You’d probably do it wrong and stumble and be aggressive. Because you’re starving.

Men’s hunger for women makes them act in unappealing, unattractive ways. Keeping them MORE hungry by rebuffing them constantly does not help them become hotter, better, or more appealing men for you or other women.

I’m not suggesting you do a single thing you don’t want to do. In fact, I advocate for the opposite of that. I personally, however, always feed hungry men even slightly with a smile, a nod, and “Thank you.” What’s amazing is that when I do that, they almost never come closer. They usually back off, somewhat stupefied and thrilled to have gotten even a smile from a woman. They just got splashed in the face with water.

You can see this over and over in this video. Watch how when she says “YES,” men don’t actually know what to do and are completely disarmed. They back away. Our greatest defense is being wide open. A wide-open women is just about the most terrifying thing in the world. You think guys are scary? Try a WOMAN!!

Lewd men gawking at women only delivers a punch when women take them seriously and cower. When we women don’t cower, the game is up. I love this video for illustrating that. Genius!