Advocate for Women’s Sexual Fulfillment
Bez Stone coaches, educates, and speaks to women and couples about the sexual mechanics of women’s arousal, desire, and satisfaction. She debunks long-standing misunderstandings and presents the essentials of women’s physiology that women and couples need to know to generate radically fulfilling sex lives.  

Bez’s groundbreaking teachings take sex to a different playing field, where the old rules are retired. The way women’s bodies and desire really work sexually inform the customs of this emerging field, and allow for a dramatic increase in fulfillment, presence, dynamic connection, and pleasure for everyone. 

Bez is a Stanford-educated writer, a certified life and relationship coach, and an emerging authority in women’s sex and sexuality. She has helped thousands of women and couples reclaim their desires and discover true sexual fulfillment. An educator and consultant, she is sought after nationally by couples, women, and groups.

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Direct and insightful coaching to remove the obstacles that prohibit women’s natural and complete sexual desire and enjoyment.



Bez brings her well-researched expertise, feminine advocacy, and avant garde spirit to connect and inspire couples in the bedroom.


Megan Clemens

Megan Clemens

Coach and Teacher, meganclemens.com

“In the past, there was a silent expectation that my partner wanted sexual attention from me. I thought I was broken because I didn’t want to have sex—what was wrong with me? My sex drive went away. I didn’t enjoy sex even when we were having it, but I at least felt like a good wife because I had done what I was supposed to do. Bez taught me how to have sex FOR ME, and now I want more sex than my husband does!”


Senior Director of Marketing Operations

“I used to make backhanded jokes about this kind of thing. Now, I’m excited about it. I’m feeling more every day, and I’m feeling closer to my girlfriend every day. Plus the sex keeps getting better and better. It’s meaningful to her and she’s happy.”