As I sit here at my computer on election day today, NPR quietly buzzing in the background, my news feed a mixture of “I voted!” posts and frustrated distress at our options, what grabs my attention most is beyond the candidates, the scandals, and the final numbers. What I’m focused on today is the national, tectonic shift of perceived power and dominance in our highest positions of government and leadership away from men-only, and towards inclusion of women and inclusion of all.
It doesn’t matter if you like Hillary, or whom you voted for. This post is not attempting to gloss over or ignore the dire social and governmental reforms I believe we desperately need as a country. I am in service of that those reforms, and want to serve by illuminating the clear and resounding shift that is occurring today in how we as a nation perceive women.
I say perceive because, truly at the core of our shared humanness, women are and have always been equals with men. Power dynamics are a socially constructed illusion—that has very real consequences. In this way gender lines, like race lines, both don’t exist or matter, and also deeply exist and matter. We have all been colluding for the last several thousand years that women are inferior and have participated in some strange dynamics around male superiority that have ultimately driven our species closer to extinction.
I feel those perceptions shifting today along with the tectonic plates of our national sense of order. And in the midst of the shift, I sense fear, especially coming from men. The fear often presents itself as hurtful speech or insults. As nitpicking critique or withering, highly positions arguments. This fear is trying to protect what it knows, because the shaking of the Earth and of our cultural fabric is uncertain and revolutionary business.
To all the men of the planet I want to say: I am your ally.
As a woman and a fellow human, I want to ally and collaborate with you in this new era so that we can be more effective, expeirence more pleasure, and achieve greater accomplishments than either of us could do alone.
Men, we as women have no interest in surpassing you or leaving you behind. We love you, deeply. While in our excitement at the smell of freedom, we may sometimes seem to be saying otherwise, we don’t actually want to be better than you or to “win.” This isn’t a contest of men vs. women. Those days are behind us. We’re sick of that contest.
As humans we are all allies, and I personally feel deeply excited for what we will create moving forward.
If you don’t understand the historic nature of what is happening today, I respectfully invite you to reach out to a woman you know and ask her about it. Not whether she likes Hillary, or how she feels about the election. If you can—and I understand this can be challenging—disregard your opinion about the personality of our most-likely first woman president. This isn’t about that. Instead ask your friend, “How would it feel to have someone of your gender serve as President of your country? What’s that like for you?”
I believe this is an incredible opportunity for us to get to know each other better in the new and exciting sky beyond the glass ceiling. 
Bez Stone

Bez Stone

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