Reclaim Your Sexual Expression

Direct and insightful coaching to remove the obstacles that prohibit women’s natural and complete sexual desire and enjoyment.


Fall in Love Again

My love of the connection between men and women demands my participation in remedying all miseducation about sex and women. My well-researched, inspiring, avant-garde solutions help couples stay together and stay happy together.


Reclaim Your Sexual Expression

I address the problem of sex directly by bypassing the typical ineffective sex advice (the “do it for him” mentality) and tapping directly into your natural interest and desire for the sex that you enjoy.

Do you know what kind of sex you enjoy? Many women don’t because we’ve never seen a model of what enjoyable sex looks like for women.

Together we transform sex from an area of exhaustion and conflict for you to one of satisfaction, safety, and adventure.


I've helped thousands of women overcome the sexual obstacles they've struggled with for years

Fall in Love Again

My program reliably transforms couples' sex lives. Coaching provides the personal attention you need to smooth over your trouble spots.

I started my coaching business because when sex wasn’t working in my relationship, I had no idea what to do about it and no one reliable to turn to for help. If sex is a problem for you, there is something you can do about it. Don’t lose hope!

I help you end the tension and power struggle and replace it with intimacy, understanding, and connection. Whether your guard has been up for years around sex and you feel like a lost cause, or you’re fed up with being rejected and have reached the end of your rope, I can help you.


Megan Clemens

Megan Clemens

Coach and Teacher,

“In the past, there was a silent expectation that my partner wanted sexual attention from me. I thought I was broken because I didn’t want to have sex—what was wrong with me? My sex drive went away. I didn’t enjoy sex even when we were having it, but I at least felt like a good wife because I had done what I was supposed to do. Bez taught me how to have sex FOR ME, and now I want more sex than my husband does!”


Senior Director of Marketing Operations

“I used to make backhanded jokes about this kind of thing. Now, I’m excited about it. I’m feeling more every day, and I’m feeling closer to my girlfriend every day. Plus the sex keeps getting better and better. It’s meaningful to her and she’s happy.”


My coaching style combines directness and humor with unwavering compassion and optimism. I believe that if a couple has at least one ounce of goodwill and desire between them, they have what it takes to build legendary love and intimacy.

That’s because no one is broken when it comes to sex. You already possess everything you need for deep intimacy with the person you love.

  • Take the leap
  • Overcome your fear of addressing sex directly
  • Stop feeling hopeless and start feeling confident
  • Get more traction with the couples’ program

Clients reliably report that within two minutes of meeting me, they felt safe to reveal what they’d never normally say. That’s because I normalize both sexual problems and desires. I am pro-you and pro-your partner and serve as your shared advisor, guide, and advocate towards creating the sexual relationship of your dreams.

Coaching sessions are included with your Couples’ Training. For one-time coaching sessions, please contact me to discuss.