Sex that Inspires You: How to Start

A step-by-step guide to leave the rut behind and reclaim sexual fulfillment

WOMEN: Do you want more fulfilling sex—but don’t know how to start?




  • This simple step-by-step guide walks you through it!
  • Feel more turned on, confident, and in love with your partner
  • Discover what you really want sexually
  • Learn how about what you want in a way that has your partner excited to give it to you (no more fighting about sex!)



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About the founder of Sex for YOUR Body: 

Bez Stone

Bez Stone

Advocate for Women's Sexual Fulfillment

Bez Stone is an advocate for women’s sexual fulfillment. She challenges long-standing misconceptions about women and teaches a revolutionary method that’s more satisfying for EVERYONE. Bez is a Stanford-educated writer, certified Sex Coach, and emerging authority in women’s sexuality.

What women are saying: 



Executive Coach

Bez is pioneering a revolutionary, raw, and honest conversation around sex that will provoke and inspire you. If you want to invigorate your sex life, look to Bez!”


Bez trains, educates, and speaks to women about sex for YOUR body. 

Her signature 4-week program offers an immediately more exciting and inspiring way for women and their partners to have sex.