Power and desire work just like this

You can have everything lined up just right but without power—not much is going to happen.

We all have desires, from desires for today to desires for our lives. Ones that include other people and ones that are just for us. Our inner yearnings. They matter.

They matter because our desires point us towards our deepest calling. It is not always a straight path. Just like in any true adventure, there are twists and turns along the way.

When faced with the weight of what we truly want, our desire can seems insurmountable. The sweaty work of uncovering what we crave is one victory—but we are left with no idea how to get our desires fulfilled.

The first step towards getting what we want is admitting your desire, even just to yourself. It’s the first form of getting willing to have it.

The second step, is to add power.

Do you remember bowling as a kid? You would use one of those 6 pound balls because that was all you could lift, and no matter how well you aimed that bright orange ball it would only knock a few pins over. Then your older sister or father, or whoever it was, would slug their 14 pound ball down the lane and just wallop everything in sight. Without any good aim at all.

Power and desire work just like this. You can have everything lined up just right but without power—not much is going to happen. Your efforts will greatly exceed your impact. Add power and things begin to move in ways that you couldn’t have planned for.

What’s the best way to add power to your system? Devote yourself to a practice that builds power.

My personal practices include Orgasmic Meditation, physical exercise, taking risks, and telling the truth. The greatest power sources I have ever found are connection, orgasm, and the truth—hands down. If you are under-fueled, you need to fill up. It’s as simple as that. Just like in bowling, all of your strategizing and aligning won’t get you what you want if you don’t have anything of gravity backing it. With power backing my desire, I get more effective and able to have what I want. Simply devote yourself to building power—and then let the magic happen.

What are your practice? What do you want them to be? 

Bez Maxwell

Bez Maxwell

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