I am a master at inconsistency.

It’s probably an attribute you don’t often hear lauded as beneficial. Instead, inconsistency is often apologized for, bemoaned, or judged as a problem.

Not for me. I elevate inconsistency to an art form.

In the world of logic and repeatability, being a master at inconsistency can seem like a hinderance. Certainly, my ever-changing art form has gotten me into trouble throughout my life.

However, in the arenas that is messy, unpredictable, and beyond logic—the ones that buck the norms of regulation and “don’t make sense”—my genius becomes a helpful asset.

In the messy, incomprehensible arenas like sexuality and emotions, creativity and expression, then I am your gal. I’m your ticket to sanity and enjoyment, because the seeming “insanity” and confusion of that-which-can-not-be-controlled is my homeland.

When faced with the anxiety of taking a step into the unknown with your partner, where the ground might drop beneath you by a thousand feet and slingshot you up 10 stories the next, I’m your gal. My genius makes me your greatest guide, because those fluctuations and inconsistencies are embedded in the very wiring of my brain.

If you want help walking the straight and narrow path to fulfillment, then I recommend calling someone else. But if you want to open up every unknown door inside your body and explore the wild, unpredictable world of your inner animal, the world you can’t control and that doesn’t follow any rational rules, then call me. I’m your guide in that land.

I’d absolutely love to give you a tour of my ever-changing homeland and support you in exploring the messy, uncontrollable, and deeply fulfilling aspects of our human sexual experience.

Bez Stone

Bez Stone

Advocate for women's sexual fulfillment

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