I am an advocate for women’s sexual fulfillment—and I have eliminated foreplay from my sex life.

Say what?!

Isn’t foreplay the necessary “warm up” round that gets our bodies—especially women’s—ready for intercourse? Isn’t it beneficial?

It’s not. In fact the kind of sex that includes “foreplay” is not the kind of sex that women—or any of us—love most.

Here are three reasons I suggest for eradicating foreplay from your sex life, as well:

1. Foreplay assumes that intercourse is the ultimate goal of sexual contact.

I love intercourse. It’s a hot, fulfilling, deeply connecting part of sex that I enjoy. And it’s just one part of sex—no longer synonymous with sex itself.

I’ve discovered there is an enormous amount of sexual terrain to explore that we normally miss when we’re focused on the end act of intercourse. It’s through exploring this terrain that I have found the most fulfillment.

Let’s think way back—before any of us had yet had intercourse. We used to make out for the sheer thrill of it, remember? We didn’t call it foreplay. We called it French kissing. Or going to second base. “Getting fingered.” And it was (usually) fun. Our early sexual curiosities—which often re-awaken at the start of a fresh relationship—were not limited to the function of “getting ready” for penetration. They existed in their own right.

The good news is sex gets fascinating again when we remove from our own minds the notion that all sexual contact is supposed to end in intercourse.

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Bez Stone

Bez Stone

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