From frustrated to connected

Dear couples, I’m so happy you’re taking a stand for your sexual fulfillment. I’m currently on sabbatical and am not taking new clients. If you’d like a taste of what I offer and feel comfortable with self-paced, independent study use the link below to register for my online course.

Level 1: Economy

for Women and Couples

  • Upgraded Sex Ed Modules
  • 30 days of Sexual Research
  • Weekly email Q&A with me where I answer your essential questions

$500 per couple 

"Changing our dynamic took a third party...

And Bez is great. I trust her completely. Her insights and coaching made the difference.” —Phil   

"It's made a really big difference for us...

The exercises helped my desire to surface. It feels great—and it’s also a relief to find my desire is still there.” —Sarah

"We recently finished all the Level 1 Research...

It’s been an amazing experience. We made more progress in the last four weeks than we have in the last 20 years. Thank you for making this accessible to couples like us.” —Peter   

Questions? Contact Bez for answers and to talk further