Better Sex Starts in Your Living Room

“When women gather, great things will happen.” —Leymah Gbowee

Host Bez for an enlivening hour in your living room with your girlfriends. Because when women gather, great things happen. Choose a topic and invite your people. I provide a highly interactive experience that makes talking about sex fun and easy (and will also make you blush). I give you few great tools you can start using right away and a stack of business cards for those who want to go deeper.

You provide any snacks and/or wine. Living room talks are free of charge.

Insanely Satisfying Sex for Busy Women

60 minutes

Many of us have regular sex in our long-term relationships, but few of us feel insanely satisfied by it. We may feel some pleasure in bed, but does our skin tingle, do our hearts pound? Does sex make us feel beautiful and alive? Do we hunt our partner down for more of it because it feels so good? When the answer is no, it’s time to make a change.

Discover the basics of my method for insanely satisfying sex that helps us relax even when we’re maxed out. Leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Lead like a Woman (in Bed)

60 minutes

The days of waiting for our partners to turn us on are over. “Hoping he knows the right moves” is not the savvy woman’s plan for her sexual fulfillment. It’s clear women are the emerging leaders of the 21st century. Yet the bedroom is the place we may want a break from being the boss. How do powerful women enjoy sex we love without taking charge?

Feel matched by your partner using one powerful feminine strategy. Prioritize your pleasure because when women are sexually fulfilled we have power. And when we have power we can change the world.

Sex after Kids: Revive your Drive

60 minutes

As a mother in a long-term relationship, I get it: as kids grow, stress rises and passion fizzles. We drift towards Netflix at night instead of heart-stopping kisses. 

When sex starts feeling like a chore, we enter dangerous territory. We have sex because “it’s been a week,” only to feel frustrated and resentful. We want to be “good women,” but how do we take care of everyone’s needs when we’re maxed out? 

Discover the basics of my method to connect with your partner AND keep your sanity after kids.

Uh oh! I’m attracted to someone who’s not my husband

60 minutes

Have you had the hots for someone who’s not your partner? Join the club! Despite how common it is, many of us feel paralyzed when we feel attracted to someone we’re not married to. Do we tell our spouses? Are we now bad people?? 

Learn how to address this sensitive subject in a way that brings you closer to your partner and boosts your sex life. Get ready for cutting-edge tips and tricks at this talk!

From Ignored to Adored

60 minutes

You’re a powerhouse—but your partner doesn’t give you the attention you want. After enough nights of watching TV, you wonder, “Is he ever going to snap out of this?” We try to do all the work, cheerlead, nag, or minimize our own needs in order to get him motivated. But it backfires and leaves us more frustrated. 

As women, we affect the quality of our relationships with one key ability: to receive. Learn the proven way to motivate your partner without any nagging or cheerleading! You’ll leave feeling inspired to stop complaining and increase your receiving—and watch your sweetie’s behavior change like magic.

Turn On Your Pilot Light

60 minutes

There’s one thing every woman needs to know to get and stay turned on for the rest of her life: that our power and turn-on is our responsibility. What is our true power? And how do we get turned on, especially when our partner is checked out, uninterested, or doesn’t understand us?

Get an experience of your turned-on self and how sexy and alive you can feel at this women’s only night of exploration and connection. Leave with one fail-proof tool to start feeling more turned on and having better sex.

Bez Stone

Founder & Coach

Bez Stone is a Stanford-educated writer, certified Sex Coach, and authority in women’s sexuality and fulfillment. She was the second person to say “clitoris” on the TEDx stage and has strong opinions about lingerie (and everything else to do with women and sex). You can follow her on Instagram (