Picture the best sex you can imagine—the kind you fantasize about. What if I told you that you have can have that with your partner?

There’s a cultural sense that women don’t like sex as much of men do. That if you want more sex than she does—that’s normal. That’s just how sex goes after marriage or after kids.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. And in fact if it is that way, you’ve got a problem.

As a man, you might know that the sex you’re having isn’t perfect. You might believe it could get better—but for you, it’s good enough. It gets the job done. It’s SEX after all! What could be bad about it?

It’s not the same for her. Sex’s that only “gets the job done” doesn’t ultimately satisfy women—especially in the long run.

Women LOVE sex and will seek you out for more of it—when it’s the kind of sex that feels amazing for HER. If your partner isn’t pursuing YOU for sex—if she wants less sex than you do or is constantly defending against your sexual advances—you’ve got a problem. And it’s a bigger problem than simply not having as much sex as you want.


The problem is you’re having sex using an outdated model that doesn’t satisfy women.


It’s not your fault. You’re not a bad lover, and you haven’t done anything wrong. Most of us are operating based on a 7th grade sex education—one that talked more about pregnancy and STD’s than women’s sexual fulfillment or how to blow her mind in bed. No one ever taught us how women’s bodies actually work.

It’s time for a sexual upgrade—one that she will LOVE.

If you want more sex than your partner does or are having sex on a schedule—whether it’s twice a week or twice a month—your partner isn’t as sexually fulfilled as you think she is.

The women I talk to report feeling turned off, and not understanding why. They want to feel more pleasure in sex, but traditional sex advices backfires because it puts more pressure on them. Women tell me they don’t know how to talk with you about what they want sexually—because women don’t want to hurt your feelings, and also haven’t learned to how to unleash their own pleasure.

When these problems go ignored for years, the disastrous effects pile up. She grows less and less interested in sex for her own pleasure, and starts having it “for you.” While this may seem OK at the beginning (because at least you’re having sex, after all) over time she will start to resent you. Not because you’ve done anything wrong—but because the way we’ve all been taught to have sex does not satisfy women in the long term.

I’ve coached hundreds of couples seeking sex and relationship advice, and I see the same thing over and over again. The couples that are on the brink of divorce share one similar feature: 99% of the time, he had no idea how unhappy and unsatisfied she was with their sex life. And she has known and been trying to tell him for years.


I’m offering you the opportunity to address this before you’re at the breaking point of splitting up.


My Level 1 Intensive Training for Women and Couples is the place to start.

If you think your partner is gorgeous and you want to connect with her, but she’s constantly rejecting your sexual advances… If you want to blow her mind and give her a unique experience… If you want to have more fun with sex, and feel less inhibited… if you ever get stuck in your head trying to “do it right” or have problems maintaining an erection—even though you’re turned on…  This training will help you.

Here’s what men who have taken the training have told me to tell you guys who are wondering if it’s for you:


“Men are so lucky that their woman is interested in doing this. Even though this work is geared towards women, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


“It has not been easy to have things change. But any man who has any courage, and wants to refine himself, wants this. If you want to stay the tough guy neanderthal that worked in the 50s and 60s, go ahead. But that is over. That doesn’t work with women anymore.”

“By no means do you have to give up your manhood. Neither Bez nor this training is about sensitive New Age guys.”

“One of my friends told me last week, ‘I’m perfectly satisfied in my co-dependent, fucked up relationship.’ If you ever think that, trust me—your relationship isn’t working as well as you think it is. You will end up saying, ‘Sex was never really that great—and now we don’t have any of it.’”

“Here it is, guys: what you think is going to turn her on—because you’ve seen it in movies and because it worked when you were 20 years old—doesn’t work for women. I realized all of my habits around sex were 17-year-old habits. You probably haven’t really learn anything new since then. You’re going to give up a lot and you’re’ going to get a lot back, and you’re going to end up being the man that you see in movies, that really turns women on—that’s who you have the potential to be.”

“I’ve done other men’s work. But no one has ever talked about Feminine Sexuality. Bez’s program is all about the 30 days of research. Whenever did you really excel at something you didn’t practice? What could be more fun than practicing sex? I promise you men, it’s fun.”

I teach the kind of sex that women love. Do you want to learn with your partner?


Click on the link below to get started. Or set up a consultation with me if you have questions or want to talk more. I would be happy to help you.


Upgraded Sex Ed

Essential and groundbreaking lessons every week in how women’s bodies really work.


  • Make sense of your life-long sexual struggles
  • Get tested solutions that work for women and feel better for everyone
  • Try a new revolutionary framework for sex that liberates your libido and unleashes deeper intimacy

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30 Days of Sexual Research

Learning concepts is great. New habits are formed when we put it into practice.


  • I expertly guide you through a new way to connect every day for 30 days
  • Easy to follow yet provocative exploration
  • Sexual revival in 20 minutes per day.
  • Build a new habit and change how you have sex permanently.

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Weekly Help

Weekly anonymous Q&A group calls with Bez.


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Couples' Coaching

Three private, one-hour coaching sessions with Bez


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  • Resolve your most persistent sexual challenges
  • Get more done in less time through customized advice and attention
  • We can meet remotely or in person at my office in Santa Cruz, CA.


Level 1—Basic

  • 4 Upgraded Sex Ed modules on how women’s bodies really work
  • Provocative daily research that will turn you on, deepen your intimacy, and unlock your sexual fulfillment
  • Weekly Q&A group calls with Bez

Level 2+

For Level 1 Grads
  • For couples who want to go all the way
  • Complete year-long training—all levels
  • In-depth customization, with coaching support
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