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Module Videos


Module 0

A Tale of Two Operating Systems

In this Module, you will learn that there are two operating systems out there that determine how we relate and feel pleasure, get things done, and experience the world—the Masculine and the Feminine. You have a unique design as a woman that is native to you that will have your desires and your sexual experiences make sense. This video lays the groundwork for the rest of our course.


Module 1

What the %^$! IS the Feminine?

We confuse Feminine with the stereotypes about women. We are here to set the record straight! Learning and using Feminine strategies to get what you want will create better relationships, more fulfillment, be less exhausting, and have your partner show up the way you want them to as if by magic. PLUS, why the way you’re naturally designed is the most appealing thing to men.

Module 2

Your Desire

Your desire is awesome! It is your true north, and it’s trying to point you towards the life you really want. Whatever it is that you most want—you can have it!! The biggest challenge: opening Pandora’s box can bey very scary. PLUS, learn how to get in touch with what you want in sex and beyond. 

Module 3

Get Turned On!

Getting turned is vital for your relationships happiness. It’s like your secret superpower! It creates possibilities that aren’t there when you were turned off. Learn the biggest mistake couples make PLUS why feeling turned on has nothing to do with sex. 

Module 4

No More Obligation

It’s not that you don’t like sex—it’s that the sex we’ve been taught to have isn’t designed for women’s bodies. When you drop obligation and allow space for your desire to come out, EVERYONE gets what they want. Discover the scientific reason behind your sex drive AND why you’ll want to go on a desire-only sex diet this week!

Module 5

Ditch Your Goals

Having ANY goal in sex—even a seemingly positive goal—turns on the Masculine OS and turns down the connection and fulfillment. When we release the goal and expectations, true presence, desire, and connection occurs. Performance anxiety drops. There is nowhere to get to and every state is equally as valuable. You are free. PLUS find out why the timer on my iPhone is my all time favorite sex gadget. 

Live Videos


What is the Feminine?

Bez talks LIVE about what the Feminine really is and how to draw towards you that which you desire.

This video goes with Module 1.


Bez talks live about the power of desire, how to know what you want, and what to do with those desires that are making you or your partner uncomfortable.

This video goes along with Module 2.

Nourish Your Turn On

Bez talks live about why getting turned on has nothing to do with sex.

This video goes along with Module 3.

Obligation Free Sex

Bez talks live about the new kind of sex, and why the best thing you can do in your bedroom is ditch your goals.

This video goes with Modules 4 and 5.

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