Your Element is Receiving!

Your strength

You are practical and believe in people. You are naturally loving and very kind and want to help people.

Your trap/weakness

You think sex needs to be fair and even—a two-way street. This often prevents you from being truly present as a giver or receiver, because in both roles you’re worried about whether your partner is happy. You see the beauty in other people but aren’t sure that other people see your beauty as well as you see theirs.You have trouble asking for what you want. You try to do things perfectly so that others want to give back to you.

The key for you

The best thing you could do for your relationship is to receive more. Over-giving doesn’t make you or your partner happy. It leads to resentment and prevents real connection.
Two roles are necessary for sexual connected: giver and receiver. Giving takes strength and skill, but receiving takes a different type of strength and skill as well. If you get better at receiving, your entire relationship will change.
PS: Once you understand that receiving improves your relationships, you’ll do everything in your power to get comfortable receiving even more. 

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Who am I?

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bez Stone. I help make sex appealing to women so couples stay together. I’m a Stanford-educated writer and sex coach who’s helped thousands of women just like you feel more confident, sexy, and alive. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my family.