"Ridiculously" Sexy Mad Libs

Ask your partner to choose a word for each part of speech specified and write it down in the blank space. When complete, read the story out loud. Laugh and laugh some more.

NOTE: Don’t to try to make your answers “sexy”—the Mad Libs will take care of that!

    1. Act One

    Before I know it, you’ve got both of my in your in a grip above my . “!” I moan. Your tongue explores my . I have never like this. You bring your up to grasp my and hold me in place. I’m , my held, and your are wrapped around me. Your is against my belly. “Oh …” You want me right here in the .

    2. Act Two

    I just got home from , and never expected you to as soon as I walk in the door. You grasp my and undo my , pulling off my . Then, you step back across the and just look at me. I’m with excitement. You are running your along the . I feel the movement echoed in my . “I want you,” you .

    !” I . How can this feel so ? I fall back onto the , moaning.

    3. Act Three

    “Oh , what I could do to you,” you whisper. You remove my with your . I’m lying on the dressed only in my , and you’re staring down at my body.
    “You’re very , . I can’t wait to be closer to you.”
    “Holy ,” I try to say, but the words don’t escape my . You’re so . You take my away.

    4. Act Four

    “Oh… baby… that feels so ,” you murmur. I harder, flicking my across your impressive . Wrapping your arms around my hips, I clamp my around you. Your words hiss between your teeth, and you .
    . How far can we go?” I whisper.
    You pull me deeper into your . Your swirls around my mind, making me feel with anticipation. “You are my very own -flavored ,” I say in your ear.

    5. Act Five

    I harder and harder, pushing deeper and deeper, swirling my around and around. Wow.... I had no idea could be such a turn-on, watching you with such longing. My inner is doing the .
    , I’m going to in your ,” you say with a tone. Your body moves times as you bury your in my . “ !” you groan. You collapse on top of me, breathing .