Here’s everything you need to get started.

Welcome to sex that feels better for everyone. This 30-day training works because it's so simple.

  1. Capture 20 minutes when your both free in the next day or two.
  2. Open the web app together at that time. 
  3. Retrain your sexual connection with the day’s 20-minute research project.
  4. Upgrade your understanding of sex and women with the must-know concepts for each week. It makes for fascinating bedtime or bathroom reading if you’re already on your phone.



There are the three things you need for wild success with this training:

20 minutes a day for 30 days

A willingness to explore and learn

A desire for better sex

That’s it. Do you have them? Then you’re 100% prepared to get started.


Here's what you don't need:

Lingerie or mood lighting

To be getting along perfectly with your partner

To read all the materials before you start

To do all 30 days consecutively without any breaks

In this first day of research, you’ll choose the easiest and most realistic pace for the training. The key: just get started.


What to Expect

Every day offers a new 20-minute Research Session that guides you towards more enjoyable sexual connection. Research occurs in your home with each other on your own schedule.

The spirit of research makes this course effective. In typical sex, we usually touch each other with a goal in mind—intercourse, climax, to make sex go well, etc. In research, we ditch the goals. What’s left is exploration and connection. You’ll safely practice a new method of connection with confidence.

Every research session is different.

Some sessions will blow your mind and leave shouting, “This is amazing!” from the rooftops (or at least to me over the phone). After others, you might wonder, “What was that about? I don’t get it.” This is normal. Expect it. Couples say the training works best when they give it 30 days, and then assess whether it was effective. Most couples find that within 2 weeks, their sex life has already dramatically changed.

Each day of research has a different focus. Some days, you won’t touch each other (like Day 3 when you “Complete Your Past”). Other days, you will (like in Day 20, “For Her Pleasure”). I expertly guide you step by step through a new way to connect sexually that I’ve found more exciting, nourishing, and fulfilling than typical sex.

How to Get Started

Choose a date and time for your first 20 minute research session.

If you want optimal support, send me a quick email with your start date. This helps me track your progress and offer relevant tips and suggestions.


Your help as a Test Bunny

This course has undergone several rounds of testing, and you are the latest. How you can help best is:

Provide your honest feedback about what’s working 

Share how the program could be even easier for you to use

Detail what’s working for you in regards to the interface and the content

Let me know immediately when you’re confused about what to do next or how to use the training

Respond to my periodic emails and surveys

I want this training to reach millions. My dreams are that no woman again feels like she’s crazy or there’s something wrong with her; that no man again retreats after feeling rejected and criticized by his partner (again); and that couples the world over feel satisfied, confident, and turned on so they can better share their talents with the world. Your help brings me closer to my dream.

I know first hand the confusion and frustration that happens when sex isn’t working. When I felt lonely and hopeless six years ago, I didn’t know where to turn. Typical sex advice (“Put on lingerie,” “Try having sex at least three times a week,” or “Have a glass of wine before bed,”) didn’t touch the tension that was straining my relationship and my womanhood.

Your participation ensures that there is a place to turn for practical, effective, out-of-the-box advice on creating mutually, endlessly satisfying sexual connection.

Thank You

Thank you again for your participation in this round of testing. I hope that it provides you with the connection, confidence, and satisfaction you’re looking for.