This year, I will take my sexual fulfillment seriously.

However far-fetched most of our resolutions may be, the new year is our annual opportunity to want something and go big in the wildest dreams department.

Better sex never used to be on my list—and it wasn’t on any of my girlfriends’ lists, either. I never once had a girlfriend say, “This new year, my resolution is to start having radically fulfilling sex and skyrocket my sex life!”

And I never once replied, “Yes, me too! This is the year I’m going to feel confident, turned on, alive, and satisfied.”

Instead we would say, “Let’s go to Paris! I’m going to lose five pounds. This year: six figures.”

These were not only the typical and sensible resolutions to have—they were also honestly the only ones I could think of.

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Bez Stone

Bez Stone

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