Interviews: the Men

I’m conducting interviews with women who think they’re too much AND with the men who love them.

We are debunking the myth that women being women is a problem. And debunking the myth that men don’t like women just the way we are.



Me: How could I categorize men who like big women?

Him: Men who like to feel women.

Me: That seems too vague… How about powerful women or uncontrollable women?

Him: Perplexed look. Well that makes it seem like a problem.  —Jeremy


“As a man being with a woman, you will feel more. The more she feels and the more expressed she is, the more you will feel as a man being with her. Agony, ecstasy, all of that and everything in between. That’s the game.” —Colin


“Just her willingness to express anything to me—even the deepest fears—if she can trust me enough to do that, then I can trust her with anything.—Sean
Vulnerability is just hot. It’s just fucking hot. When you drop all the barriers, there’s nothing left to get in the way. There’s no porn in it. It’s just pure connection.” —Dean