Interviews: the Women

I’m conducting interviews with women who think they’re too much AND with the men who love them.

We are debunking the myth that women being women is a problem. And debunking the myth that men don’t like women just the way we are.



“I think because I’m bisexual and I’m too much, I have this story inside of me that I never learned the right way to be a woman.  I say all the time, ‘I’m a pretty good dyke but a pretty fucked up straight girl.’—Jasmine


“Oh… If I stopped feeling like too much, 90% of my burden would be gone. It would be so liberating and free. If I woke up every morning and that was gone, I’d be waking up with his head in between my legs. I know that it would be the exact nourishment that I need.” —Beth


“I don’t want my children to tone down who they are in the name of getting what they want.” —Laurel
“If all my emotional expression came out with someone who couldn’t handle it, they’d leave. Then I have to handle it by myself which I’ve learned to do. Then I usually feel really fucking alone because no one sees me.” —Rhiannon