What does “the feminine” even mean? And what does it mean for YOU and your happiness in relationship as a powerful woman? As big, bold, independent women, we’re here to set the record straight about what it means to be a women.

You’re a woman. You’d think understanding “the feminine” would be second-nature, right?! But it’s not.

Half the time you feel like the guy in your relationships. You’re the direct, go-getter. You’re intense and motivated. Sometimes you may want to feel more “feminine” with your partner—but what does that even mean for you? Feeling beautiful? Feeling worshipped and adored? Being sought after? 

But how do you “make” someone seek you out?!

You know the traditional stereotypes of women don’t fit you—the helpless, demure Princesses in Distress, or the ever-compassionate Mother Theresa (who was a badass, by the way). The New Age strategies of “empowering your feminine”—with lots of uncomfortable eye-gazing and weird names for your vagina—feel contrived or downright creepy. Your femininity doesn’t have anything to do with lighting candles, thank you very much.

So what IS “the feminine,” really? And how can you access and understand more of yours without catering to unrealistic expectations or trying to act like someone you’re not?


TRY IT OUT: Break Your Own Stereotypes About Women.

As powerful women, we’re here to BREAK the stereotypes about women—the ones society has about us, and the ones we have about ourselves.

Take a moment to reflect:

What are the stereotypes you hold about women? Make a list, including both the ones you deem both “positive” and “negative.” Reflect on your list. How do you feel when you think you’re supposed to fit into these roles? Who would you be if you dropped the idea that there was a certain way women were supposed to be?