20,000 views! I’ve always wanted to write this article. I tell it like it is inside many women’s minds during oral sex.

No, a racing mind while receiving pleasure doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong! It means that the conditions under which we have sex promote mental chatter in women. Read this article to gain insights and tips on what to do about this and how to enjoy oral sex more.

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Act I

Okay, here we go! Mmmm, that feels good…

Wait—I wonder if I smell bad? I might…
When was my last shower? After the gym this morning. Right—
I really rocked those sit-ups.

Him: “I love doing this to you, baby.”

Me: “Mmmmm…yeah, don’t stop!”

Speaking of showers, I’ve got to pay my water bill.
I tried to put it on auto-payments last week, but I couldn’t find my checkbook.
And you need those numbers on the check for auto-pay.
I wonder how many bank accounts there are in America? If I owned a bank—

Sh*t! I’m lost in my head. His face is between my legs—concentrate!

Read the full article here>>

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