Women’s fulfillment in sex matters, now more than ever.

Not for the sake of equality or fairness or feminism—these are political concepts not physical pleasures. Women’s fulfillment in sex matters because women serve as the barometers for everyone’s fulfillment.

  1. Women are incredibly sensitive.

sen·si·tive (adjective)

  • quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

In our hyper-stimulated culture, the word “sensitive” has gotten a bad name. We take the concept of sensitivity to mean weak or overly emotional (our judgement of which is the topic for another blog post), rather than sensitivity’s true meaning of agile, hair-trigger responsiveness.

Women’s bodies are sensitive. Our genitals are sensitive. Our emotions are sensitive. And this is a wonderful thing for everybody.

If you are partnered with or having sex with a woman, you have in your hands the most sensitive physical barometer for pleasure on the planet.

Touch women too roughly and they recoil. Don’t touch us enough and we’ll start fighting with you. Women’s sensitivity is sometimes termed fickle or crazy, and deemed “hard to understand.”

None of these statements remain true once a woman trusts that her own body’s responses are not wrong—they are accurate—and once a woman’s partner learns how to read and use the information provided by her reactions and responses.

  1. Women are the barometers for everyone’s fulfillment.

Women’s sensitivity, in fact, can serve as an incredible gauge for everyone’s pleasure and fulfillment.

Women: Imagine your body is like the dashboard of an airplane, full of lights and levers and dials displaying the conditions of the vessel. For someone who doesn’t know how to fly a plane, all those lights and instruments are alluring and fascinating but also daunting. For someone who doesn’t know how to fly, you don’t make any sense.

Men: If you begin to see her reactions and responses to you and your touch like the blinking and humming collection of instruments in the cockpit, you will realize that learning how to read those guages will not only “calm her down” or make her happy—it allows you and your partner to fly.

  1. The kind of sex that feels good for women feels better for everyone.

Sex as we know it—the kind of sex we were taught to have in 7th grade and see in movies and porn—doesn’t actually work to produce the most satisfaction for women.

And if women aren’t satisfied, that plane isn’t going anywhere very interesting. Perhaps you could make few jaunts up the runway. But lifting off, into the sky? That only happens when we collaborate and utilize our sexual designs as partners for everyone’s pleasure.

By taking flight, I’m not talking about orgasms, here. I’m talking about the true fulfillment that comes from a dynamic, uninhibited sexual exploration of connection, joy, and renewal. The kind of sex that feels like an adventure.

It’s the kind of sex that turns women on and ignites their desires. It’s the kind of sex we want MORE of when it’s over and can’t wait to have again tomorrow.

  1. Turned on women turn men on.

When women are happier sexually—their male partner’s tend to feel happier, too. What’s better than a woman who feels hot and alive, confident and radiant, and knows what she wants sexually and is willing to have it?

It’s true that regardless of gender, turned on, sexually fulfilled people feel fantastic to be around. However, it’s important to realize that this is particularly true when it comes to men and women in sex.

One of my teachers, Ken Blackman, famously talked about this phenomenon by examining the sex buying habits of men and women in America—and what those practices mean for our underlying desires. Men predominantly buy and watch porn when it comes to sexual purchases. They want to see other people feeling pleasure—because witness someone else’s arousal, desire, and orgasm majorly turns them on and fulfills their own pleasure.

Women buy vibrators. They want to receive direct stimulation on their genitals and feel pleasure in their own bodies, because that’s is what fulfills them.

When you put these two desires together, you have the recipe for everyone getting exactly what they want.

Women, the best thing you can for our world is be fulfilled.

Women’s fulfillment is critical for everyone’s happiness. The most important thing you can do as a woman is to lived fulfilled and prioritize your pleasure and satisfaction. Learn and understand your unique feminine sexual mechanics so that you can nourish and renew your system. Because when you’re truly happy and fulfilled—your partner, and the world, feels happy and fulfilled, too.

Bez Stone

Bez Stone

Unleashing the mechanics of women's desire, arousal, and satsifaction