When sex isn’t working, many of us blame ourselves.

But no matter what the state of our sex lives is, we must know that our bodies are not broken. There is nothing wrong with us.

I know this because I’ve been there—fighting with my partner about sex instead of having it. Freezing at his touch and then wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” Acting like roommates instead of lovers. Worrying, “What happened to my sex drive?” as I shut down further as the months and years went by.

“Maybe it’s hormones,” I thought, as sex became less and less frequent and my partner and I grew more distant. Or maybe I was simply getting older. Perhaps long-term relationships weren’t as passionate as my fantasies. Or maybe it was just me.

Before I devoted myself to experiencing sexual fulfillment five years ago, I had come to the same conclusion many women do when sex isn’t working: There must be something wrong me. After all, he wanted sex. I didn’t—therefore, I must be the problem. Read the article here>>

Bez Stone

Bez Stone

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