What is your sexual history?

Ask your partner the following questions out loud.

  • You can follow in order, or jump around based on your curiousity.
  • Ask as many questions as you can in 20 minutes.
  • Build trust and intimacy by simply listening without judging or reacting.

Answer the questions out loud and as honestly as you are willing.

  • Honesty, even when it’s vulnerable, builds trust and intimacy.
  • For the sake of time, make your answers complete yet concise.

If you encounter emotions as you share or hear sexual history, allow them to occur & keep going.


Describe your…

  1. First crush
  2. First time someone else touched your genitals
  3. First sexual intercourse
  4. First time climaxing


Have you ever had… 

  1. A sexual or romantic experience with your non-preferred gender?
  2. A threesome or more?
  3. Bondage, domination, or other kinky play?
  4. An experience of masturbating while watching porn?
  5. An experience of masturbating in front of another person?
  6. A sexual or romantic experience with an animal?


Have you ever…

  1. Had sex when you were not properly aroused or lubricated?
  2. Had trouble saying “no” when you wanted to?
  3. Had trouble saying “yes” when you wanted to?
  4. Been forced to have sex when you didn’t want to, or been raped?
  5. Not been having as much sex you really wanted to be having?  
  6. Felt ashamed of your sexual desires?


Describe you best experience of

  1. Kissing
  2. Cunnilingus
  3. Fellatio
  4. Fucking
  5. “Making love”


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